A-Z Gas

Storage and distribution of Liquefied Gas

With a liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant located at Iddu industrial estate, Abuja, A-Z Petroleum Products Limited carries on the business of storage and distribution of Liquefied Gas, also known as Cooking Gas.

The Plant has two storage tanks with total installed capacity of 208,000 liters- 64,000 liters (small tank) and 144,000 liters (Big tank). It has the capacity to fill up 625 units of 12.5kg cylinders per day working on the installed five filling lines.

The Abuja Gas Plant is in a class of its own. The fully built facility has also provided a modern staff quarters with borehole facilities that adequately supplies water all over the complex. Borehole is a major safety investment in a gas plant. For effective distribution and supply of the product to the customers, the Abuja Gas plant is adequately equipped with vehicle and trucks of various operational specifications and capacities.